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Get Set, Go BLE! Emergency Lighting Specialist Lights Up Argos Stores

Sunday 1st May 2016

Sheffield based BLE Lighting & Power Ltd is celebrating the installation of its emergency lighting products at Home Retail Group’s Argos and Homebase stores throughout the UK.

The emergency lighting and power specialist has been specified as the preferred supplier for Argos and Homebase, which are now home to the firms BC8 LED Downlights, B3L LED Emergency Bulkheads and LED BEN D Boxed emergency exit signs across several of the Home Retail Groups 1051 store locations.

Southampton based Wilts Electrical is a wholesaler which has helped put the cogs in motion for this latest project. The electrical wholesaler started supplying BLE’s emergency lighting products to a number of stores and has many more planned in the near future.

Managing Director at BLE Lighting & Power Ltd, Richard Woodley, said; “It is very complimentary to have been specified as a preferred supplier for this type of project and we have already completed some fantastic projects with Wilts Electrical”.

The BLE BC8 LED Downlights are discreet and designed to compliment any existing lighting in the stores front of house. Both the B3L LED Emergency Bulkhead and the LED BEN-D Boxed Exit Signs will be used throughout the interior of the stores and warehouses.

BLE Lighting & Power specialises in using the latest technology to deliver superior emergency lighting and emergency power products to a wide range of clients nationwide.

Mr Woodley added: “When you have been specified by a company as big as the Home Retail Group, it is expected that the firm will be demanding a certain quality of product and also a certain standard of service”.

“Our continued work with the group, including the projects planned for 2016 with Wilts Electrical is fantastic for us as a business and we are pleased that we could offer such a high quality product at such a competitive price”