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Light-Bulb Moment for BLE as New Products Launch

Saturday 1st October 2016

As legislation for emergency lighting changes, Sheffield based BLE Lighting & Power Ltd has a product aimed at making ‘light work’ of monthly emergency lighting testing.

Under legislation, businesses have a responsibility to carry out monthly checks on all emergency lighting modules, and are required to have records available to pass on to a fire officer if a spot check is carried out.

BLE Lighting and Power’s addressable emergency lighting system, Autoglow 3 allows premises to check and monitor the status of all emergency lights without the need for a technician or engineer. The entire system can be monitored remotely from a mobile device such as laptop or smart phone.

Launched after months of development by BLE Lighting and Power Technical Director, Craig Elliott, this innovative piece of kit is a more intelligent version of its predecessor, Autoglow 2.

Mr Elliott said: “With legislation regarding emergency lighting testing, it was vital to create a product that can make the process more efficient and that will contribute towards making everything safer for businesses and their employees.

This product not only allows the user to conduct spot checks on all fittings across a full emergency lighting installation, but in the event of there being any faults with the emergency lighting, an e-mail will automatically be generated and sent to the nominated person. The e-mail will highlight what the fault is and which fitting is affected, therefore at all times you know you have a fully functional emergency lighting system and you have all the reports to back it up”

It is extremely easy for a business to find itself on the wrong side of the law with regards to emergency lighting testing, including;

• Failing to carry out a risk assessment for emergency lighting
• Failing to comply with current standards for emergency lighting installations
• Failing to comply with current standards for emergency lighting products
• Failing to comply with current standards for emergency lighting testing
• Failing to rearrange emergency lighting after a building refurbishment

Mr Elliott continued: “Autoglow 3 ensures that every emergency light fitting has a PCB, and BLE is also able to supply and retro fit the system if existing fittings are already in place”

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