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Light Up Your Life For Less To Stop Seasonal Changes

Tuesday 1st November 2016

November 2016

Energy saving lighting could prevent the early onset of the seasons, according to an industry expert.

Lee Halliday, sales and marketing manager at BLE Lighting & Power Ltd in Sheffield, was speaking after a recent study found that spring arrived more than a week early this year due to artificial night lighting which led to tree buds growing prematurely.

He said: “Traditionally there is a lot of lighting out there that uses old technology and is less energy efficient. It is more efficient to have lighting controls and daylight harvesting.

“There is a whole range of different lighting controls you can apply to lighting systems which are more efficient, it’s not just about turning lights on or off but about dimming them down. A lot of energy is wasted but with the right product those issues can be addressed.

The study by the University of Exeter’s ecology and conservation department found that buds began forming 7.5 days early in bright areas

Lee added: “Old technology wastes a certain amount of light, new LED lighting will reduce that by an average of 50 per cent and that’s just light replacement – if you replace a 400 watt bulb with an LED light at 200 watts there’s a significant saving to be had. If you apply lighting controls on top of that, savings can continue to increase.

“We want to get customers to see they can reduce their energy footprint. The return on investment can be quite short, after a couple of years everything then starts going in the customers back pocket.”

According to the independent report over the last 150 years, the natural night-time environment has been drastically altered by the proliferation of man-made artificial lighting. In 2001, it was estimated that almost a fifth of the Earth’s land surface was polluted by light, and subsequently the amount of artificial light has been increasing at approximately six per cent annually.

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