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Autoglow 3
Fully Addressable Centralised Automatic Emergency Lighting Test System – AG3

BLE Autoglow 3 - Automatic Emergency Lighting Test System - Addressable Lighting Systems from BLE Lighting and Power
BLE Lighting & Power’s Autoglow III system is a fully addressable, centralised automatic test system suitable for both self contained luminaires and central system luminaires. The system has 8 radials each capable of monitoring 95 modules and is compatible with the majority of our luminaires.

AG3 utilises latest technology and incorporates a simple to use interface which can be monitored from any mobile device. The system provides e-mail notification for up to 3 recipients when there are any changes in status for the monitored luminaires. You therefore have the peace of mind that your emergency lighting scheme is functioning correctly, safe in the knowledge that you will be made aware of any faults as soon as they occur. This ensures you are able to respond in the shortest possible time and constantly maintain a healthy system.


  • The Autoglow 3 system is a fully addressable, centralised automatic test system, designed for both self contained or slave luminaires
  • The system has been designed to comply with BS EN 62034 for automatic testing of emergency lighting
  • Autoglow 3 can be accessed via devices such as PC, Tablet and Smartphone for real time status monitoring
  • Automatically maintains a 4 year rolling history of test results
  • Built in facility to automatically notify user of any faults, via e-mail (up to three addresses)
  • Built in Web Server
  • User Friendly – Touch Screen Technology)
  • Remote Access (Tablet or Smartphone)
  • 8 Radial Outputs
  • 95 Modules Per Radial (Maximum 760 Units per Parcel)
  • Two Wire Differential Interface
  • DHCP, Static IP Addressing and Local Domain Options Available
  • Integrates Self-Contained and Slave Luminaires
  • 3 Types of Monitoring Sensors; Light Sensor, Voltage Sensor and Bi-Directional Current Sensor
  • Can be used with Luminaires from any Manufacturer


Autoglow AG 3 .

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