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Energy Efficient LED Lighting Solutions

Specialist energy efficient LED lighting solutions and products supplied direct by our expert team.

BLE is at the forefront of Energy Efficient LED Lighting Solutions

BLE Lighting and Power Ltd is a company with a proven track record of delivering integrated energy efficient lighting solutions to the commercial and industrial sectors. We have the capability to assess a customer’s requirements and offer a full turnkey solution from concept through to scheme design, install and commissioning.

As LED lighting technology continues to advance, many of the clients we speak with on a daily basis are keen to take advantage of the benefits of LED when looking to update their existing lighting.

The Experts in Energy Efficient Lighting

Our dedicated team of experts are responsible for providing clients with a holistic approach to a fully integrated, energy efficient LED lighting system. We are able to provide a full turnkey solution from concept and design through to installation and commissioning of an energy efficient LED lighting solution. As a long established lighting supplier, our team of experienced lighting specialists have a high level of understanding of the latest technology which is available, meaning we are best placed to advise what lighting equipment works best for your environment.

Helping You Choose the Right Solution

When discussing your specific needs we consider the required light levels for your work environment. We establish and consider the most appropriate colour temperature and rendering, the uniformity of light distribution, the conditions of the work environment and the height fittings are to be mounted, among many other factors. This enables us to offer the client the optimum energy efficient LED lighting solution using the most appropriate technology to meet all their needs.

Lighting Controls

While substantial savings can be made by replacing an existing fitting for an equivalent LED light, some clients wish to undertake a more comprehensive upgrade and apply lighting controls to their new lighting system.

Effective and efficient lighting control reduces energy consumption which in turn reduces the running costs of a business. Poor lighting control is evident in many commercial properties; we have all seen buildings which are lit whilst empty. Additional savings can be made by introducing basic or sophisticated lighting controls to your premises.


BLE Lighting and Power Ltd offer lighting controls ranging from basic microwave sensors to a more intelligent control system utilising a combination of movement sensors and daylight harvesting sensors, meaning the system is able to operate automatically based on the parameters you choose. We recognise that the most efficient light is one which switches off when it is not needed, through the application of lighting controls you are able to fully optimise your savings while ensuring any legislative requirements are met.

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About Us

BLE is at the forefront of Lighting technology and Emergency Power Systems.

BLE has manufactured and supplied emergency lighting and power systems for over 50 years.

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