PRO-EM Controller®

Installed within fittings to ensure your emergency lighting is kept at the healthiest status level without requiring human intervention. Remote access from anywhere in the world via the Silux Control® app software.


  • Hourly updates sent to the InteliHub® including battery condition and status, lighting condition and status, battery condition under 3 hour test operation
  • Automatically capable of doing weekly, monthly and yearly tests
  • Set time and day you require tests to automatically take place
  • Create logs and reports on status and events occurring on test
  • Keeps hourly logs of general status of all devices and battery



  • Input: 190-250V/AC 50/60Hz
  • Adjustable output: 12-50V/DC
  • Battery back-up: 3 hours
  • Temperature control: 70°C
  • Uout: 50V
  • Battery voltage (NiMH): 4.8V NiMH
  • Battery capacity (Ah): 2.5Ah
  • Teach button: Silux Control® network, software teach available
  • RF range:100m open air & meshing up to 1km
  • Radio frequency: 868MHZ (Adjustable frequency to meet different country legislations)
  • Encryption: Silux Control® RF proprietary meshing
  • Language: English, others coming soon
  • OS: Android 4.0+, iOS 8.0+, WIndows 7+
  • App software: Silux Control® can be integrated with other automation features of Silux Control

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